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About Us

Our Ethos

To provide care with warmth, dignity and compassion. We believe in respecting our residents’ wishes, to provide dedicated person centred care whilst giving residents the right to make their own decisions. We strive to ensure Abbey Dean is a place where residents feel a sense of contentment each and every day.

Every member of our team shares the same goal of providing the highest standards that are paramount in ensuring residents are offered the best possible care in a friendly and courteous manner. We believe we can best support our resident’s choices and aspirations by creating individualised care plans and designing activities that will engage and inspire.

Quality of Care

We understand that quality is crucial to everything we do. Everyone at Abbey Dean has a personal and professional commitment to providing excellent care. We believe that truly excellent care must start with understanding the individual, their actions and their sense of responsibility. We believe that truly excellent care must start with the individual, and their actions and sense of responsibility. It is our staff that create the homely environment which Abbey Dean is known for, we do our best to support them in everything they do.

Always Improving

Each of us is dedicated to making improvements wherever possible, and is never satisfied with status quo. We ensure that everything we do is continually reviewed. We get feedback from the people who use our services and implement robust systems to maintain our high standards. On the rare occasion we find any shortcomings we are quick to review what happened and put them right.